Studio Precht (2020)

The Eco-Futures independent study research and design project had public health at its core, as climate change is directly related. This thinking was based upon the Institute of Medicine’s definition of public health, “Public health is what we as a society collectively do to ensure the conditions for all people to be healthy.” The rising global temperatures caused by the climate crisis threatens the health of all living things and corresponding systems. There is a scientifically proven correlation between an increase in extreme nature disasters — hurricanes, superstorms, pandemics, wildfires, floods, and climate change. The climate crisis has also affected…

Stemming from both secular theorists and religions, many cultural narratives have existed for so long that they become unknowingly woven into people’s assumptions, values, biases, and beliefs. It’s 2020 — the wealth gap widens, and we are almost at our planetary limits, but simultaneously, positive cultural revolutions are occurring, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. COVID-19 has made us all aware of how much society relies on social and industrial systems to function. These systems were all designed in ways that greatly benefit some and but leave others at a disadvantage. We rely on access to products, on our…

Nina Gregg

Design Futures Strategist, Environmentalist, Systems-Thinker

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